E-Commerce Solutions

In today’s evolving world and changing patterns of people, we can observe clearly that people are doing purchases online more and more. As per the research, 60% of the people nowadays use online shopping as a medium of buying things.

That is why e-commerce development is on the rise and having an e-commerce website is crucial for businesses nowadays to survive. By having an e-commerce website you open chances to more sales and more business.

But for your e-commerce store to work effectively and bing sales, your e-commerce website has to be attractive, well developed, be fast and easy to navigate and use.

QCode offers advanced, scalable e-commerce solutions with its experienced team specializing in e-commerce.

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We develop advanced E-Commerce systems with tailored designs and modules according to needs.


We offer integration services that provide satisfactory sales performance.


Our experts manage the entire optimization process, from design technologies to functionality improvements.

Multichannel Retailing

We combine all sales channels – both online and offline – so that your customers can see your different products and services.

E-Export Solutions

Our international e-commerce services help you expand your business from local markets to international markets. It allows you to sell multilingual and multi-currency.

B2B E-Commerce

We aim to help you sell your products to businesses online through our B2B e-commerce services.

Marketplace Integration

We ensure that your business can take full advantage of all the opportunities provided by multichannel e-commerce in multiple Marketplaces.

Technologies We Work With

"We treat our projects seriously. We prefer the most appropriate technological infrastructures in line with the needs. According to the scope and needs of the project, we may prefer ready-made structures, as well as developing customized software systems."